End of Murder Case of a Taiwanese Foreign Bread Entrepreneur, Executed Because of Heartache

Tersanka Sari Sadewa (37) became the mastermind behind the murder of Taiwanese bread entrepreneur Hsu Ming Hu at the end of July 2020. (Source: Warta Kota / Budi Malau)

JAKARTA, KOMPASTV – Case murder A foreign national (WNA) from Taiwan Hsu Ming Hu (52) at the end of July 2020 was finally revealed. The perpetrator’s brain murder Hsu Ming Hu is none other than his personal secretary Sari Sadewa (37).

The body of this baker was found in Sungai Tarum Timur, Kampung Betok, Desa Karangwangi, Binong, Subang, on Sunday (26/7/2020).

The perpetrators killed Hsu Ming Hu from his home in the Carribean Cluster residents, Kota Deltamas Cikarang Pusat, Regency Bekasi, West Java on Saturday (25/7/2020) and dumped the bodies of the victims in the East Tarum River.

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SS’s motive for ending his boss was because he was hurt that Hsu Ming wanted to marry a maid at Hsu’s residence. Even though Hsu Ming had impregnated SS and asked SS to abort the womb.

SS police admitted to being given Rp. 15 million to abort the womb. Annoyed at the news that Hsu Ming wanted to marry his maid, the SS sought contract murder to execute Hsu Ming.

Kapolda Metro Jaya, Inspector General Pol Nana Sudjana explained that there were nine suspects in the murder case of this Taiwanese citizen.

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