End of an Era: Messi’s Last Match at PSG

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Paris: Farewell to superstar Lionel Messi at PSG today Competition in Messi is coming down against Clermont at Park Day Princess. The final match of this season in French Ligue 1 will be played at night IST. Tuesday is 12.30. Messi scored 32 goals in 74 matches from Barcelona There is What is Messi’s new club after confirming his departure from French soil? Rumors and discussions are rife. Al Hilal, the leading club in Saudi Pro League, Argentina Tarath has a back. It was reported last month that he had decided to join Al Hilal. of However, Messi’s father denied this. The club’s offer is Rs 3270 crore. Cristiano Ronaldo is playing in Al Nasr club. Two clubs in Saudi Arabia continue to try for Karim Benzema of France. It’s stuck.

There is also the possibility of returning to Barcelona, ​​where he played for years. You have Messi said that there will be a final decision next week. Barca will make a final decision by Monday. Requested by Krithar Tarath. The decision was further extended. The doors are open for Messi and if the player comes, it will be good for the team. Barcelona coach Chavi said.

At the same time, the Barca management has not made a final decision. If Messi returns, 230 million euros will be paid by sponsors and tickets The figures are that the club will get it through income. La Liga officials have not given the green light to return to Barcelona. The wall is the main obstacle. Barcelona signed compatriots Angel Di Maria and Leandro Parades. Messi was also interested in bringing him here.

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News Summary – Today is Messi’s last match at PSG

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