End? Auron breaks his silence and uploads a video on YouTube

Auronplay has published a video on his secondary YouTube channel to discuss what happened in the last days with your person. She has not left any subject undiscussed and has also clarified his future.

Auron explains that what he has experienced these days does not make any sense and that he has felt organized attacks to end his career with a stroke of the pen. “They want to destroy everything that I have built during 11 years of my life“, he explains. “I have seen how Internet forums were coordinated to plunge me into misery.”

He streamer He has revealed that his private address has been published, threatened his family and talked to the brands with which he works to try to destabilize his relationship with them. “I didn’t believe what I was reading“, he laments.

Auronplay did not want to give any name, but neither did they want to forget “colleagues or former colleagues” who have added to the comments against him. “I don’t know if someone really wanted me or I talked about something that they shouldn’t have talked about,” she argues.

There is something that they will never be able to take away from me: this camera, that microphone and the truth“, he continues in the video. “The truth is that I am not a monster. I’m not a degenerate. I have been racing for 11 years and it is clear that I have made many mistakes. I’ve said a lot of things I shouldn’t have said. And I’ve apologized a thousand times for it.”

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“My followers know that I feel deep shame Every time I come across someone on the internet old video mine. I feel disgust. But thanks to time and being able to move forward as a person, I think it’s clear that there has been a change in me and whoever doesn’t want to see it is because he’s putting on a blindfold.”

I have no problem acknowledging and apologizing for all that content I made in the past. I apologize for that once again. I don’t see myself forced to do it, but I really regret it”, continues the man from Badalona before continuing with the most delicate subject of recent days.

“There is a girl who claims that when she was 14 years old I had intimate conversations with her. She couldn’t believe what she was reading,” Auron explains. “At the time, he was not only one of the most hated people on the internet, but he was a degenerate. and also at the worst moment. When she was in shock.”

“I want to make one thing clear: I condemn all the insults this person has received and I wish him no harm. But after saying all those things about me, I have the right to defend myself with all the education“.

Auron denies that I had had conversations with this person. At least being aware of his age: “I flatly deny having spoken to that person knowing that he was a minorDespite this, the content creator confesses that he is to blame for not having met more of the people he was talking to at that time, especially to find out if they were trying to tease him or check his real age.

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About his future, Auronplay is clear, he has said it on more than one occasion, that it will be as long as you want it. He likes to create content and will leave it when he considers it and not when they want to kick him out, according to his own words. It will continue for a while disconnected from the internet, but He assures that his live shows and all the series he had prepared and announced will return.

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