Encouraging BSC Adoption, Tokocrypto Collaborates with Certik and SafePal

Since the presence of Binance Smart Chain (BSC), which offers technological improvements from the existing blockchain network, there have been many interesting projects that offer various advantages, be it Decentralize Finance (DeFi) guarding important issues such as security which of course has an important role in development DeFi itself.

Along with the initiative Tokocrypto In encouraging the adoption of BSC in Indonesia, the leading and largest platform in Indonesia has officially collaborated with two BSC projects that focus on security, namely Certik (CTK) and SafePal (SFP).

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“It is a commitment from Tokocrypto to provide new experiences and ease of transactions in the crypto world. We are proud to present another collaboration between Tokocrypto and Binance through the presence of DeFi tokens in BSC that can be enjoyed by all crypto enthusiasts in Indonesia,” said Pang. Xue Kai, CEO of Tokocrypto, Thursday (25/2/2021).

One of the most recent projects from BSC is the presence of the leading global blockchain cybersecurity token Certik (CTK), founded by computer science professors from Yale University and Columbia University. By leveraging cutting-edge technology from academia to companies, CertiK has secured more than 320 customers with a total digital asset value of more than US $ 10 billion.

CertiK provides end-to-end solutions throughout the life cycle of a blockchain enterprise, including formal verification, code security audits, system penetration testing, node infrastructure for secure deployment, and a replacement mechanism for lost assets.

Apart from CTK, there were also other DeFi projects under the auspices of BSC, namely SafePal Token (SFP). SFP is an innovation of the SafePal Protocol that creates a secure and user-friendly crypto asset wallet that helps protect and grow the decentralized assets of the user-his. Safepal is also the first hardware wallet Binance has invested in and supported.

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CTK and SFP are already traded on Tokocrypto and can bepairing-Fish with other tokens such as BTC, USDT, and BUSD. Not only can crypto asset fans in Indonesia have it, in collaboration with Tokocrypto, SFP also distributes giveaway form hardwallet worth US $ 300 and 2,000 TKO for customers who do trading by Tokocrypto.

“With this collaboration, we hope to provide more trust and security to users in interacting with the crypto and blockchain world. Together with CertiK and SafePal and supported by BSC, we aim to provide the highest standards of security as the ecosystem grows. crypto, “Kai closed.

In the near future, Tokocrypto, Certik, and SafePal will present interesting collaborations that can be enjoyed by all customers in Indonesia.


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