Empty supermarket shelves? Glanerbrugse father and daughter squarely behind the farmers | peasant protest

HAAKSBERGEN/GLANERBRUG – Frank Visser and his daughter Rebecca stand squarely behind the farmers. That is why they regularly go to farmers’ campaigns as supporters. They shrug their shoulders when blockades cause empty shelves in the supermarket.

“We fully support the actions. Those supermarkets also pay far too little to the farmers.”

Frank and Rebecca from Glanerbrug do not come from the farm, but they sympathize with the livestock farmers and farmers ‘whose existence is threatened by the nitrogen measures’. To make them feel that ‘the common man is behind the farmers’, they regularly attend farmers’ campaigns.

They are also there at the blockade of the Plus distribution center in Haaksbergen. Sitting in the trunk of their car, thumbs up for the farmer. And on Tuesday they will show their faces again somewhere.

Get on

“We allow them to maintain the blockades for as long as they want. Yes, then there are empty shelves. So what? Then people will see where our food comes from. And what could happen if we became dependent on foreign countries in the Netherlands. Just like with the gas.”

According to the supermarkets, the consequences of the blockades could already be felt on Tuesday due to a shortage of fresh products (dairy, fruit, vegetables). And if it takes days, also with regular groceries.

Buy from the farmer

Frank and Rebecca don’t worry about that for a moment. “We know where we can get our vegetables and potatoes. Enough farm addresses where we can buy directly. Then you also support the farmer. We now also regularly get all our milk directly from a farmer. And you can taste that: much tastier.”

They hope that The Hague will feel the actions well. “The whole story with that nitrogen is not correct. In Germany the standards are much less strict. And Schiphol? They are flying well, but the farmers are to blame.”

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