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    Montpellier, Occitanie
  • CDI
  • 06/07/2021

The establishment

For more than 45 years the ASIA (Association Sociale Inter entreprise d’Angers) has been responding to the needs of companies in terms of occupational health and psychosocial support for their employees. ISO 9001 certified “health and social” network in France, ASIA offers the outsourcing of Nursing, Social and Work Psychology services. Today we operate in all sectors of activity for nearly 90 companies in the countries from the Loire, Île-de-France, Poitou-Charentes, Brittany, Lower Normandy, Center, Limousin and Aquitaine. Our team of professionals supports more than 20,000 employees.

The post

The ASIA is currently looking for an occupational health nurse for its member, for a part-time CDI position (60% Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday) to be filled as soon as possible. In coordination with the HR and HSE departments, the occupational physician and the multidisciplinary team, you will carry out the following missions:
• Provide care and manage medical emergencies
• Conduct a nursing interview
• Make a nursing diagnosis
• Know the pathologies, their screening and their monitoring
• Apply protocols
• Participate in the individual medical surveillance of employees
• Ensure the follow-up of employees in occupational health
• Ensure the follow-up of RQTH employees
• Prevent MSDs / AT / MP
• Study the positions
• Master the tools of complementary examinations
• Conduct and develop individual and collective prevention actions
• Manage the nursing service of the company
• Trace the activity
• Track expiration
• Represent ASIA in the member company and collaborate with partners
• Collaborate on ASIA projects
• Participate in the quality system of ASIA and member companies
Your missions will evolve during your professional career and enrich themselves thanks to the training that will be offered to you (VIP interview, PRAP trainer, RPS …)

The profile

You will benefit from the support of a dedicated professional technical advisor, time to discuss professional practices with other ASIA nurses and specialized continuing training.
• You are a registered nurse
• You master IT tools and Microsoft Office
• Similar experience in the industrial sector is desirable
• Holding a License / DU / Certification in occupational health would be a plus.
Qualities :
• Professional positioning in compliance with ethics and professional secrecy
• Knowledge of the organization and operation of the company
• Knowledge of occupational health legislation
• Know how to work in a multidisciplinary team
• Taking initiatives for the implementation of the activity
• Knowing how to establish a relationship of trust
• Be autonomous and rigorous






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