Employee Cleans Microwave Using Dirty Mop, This Minimarket Is Criticized


Caught cleaning the microwave to warm food using a dirty mop. This minimarket is flooded with criticism and scathing comments from netizens.

Now almost every convenience store that sells instant food, or ready-to-eat food. They provide microwave ovens to warm food. But recently, a photo of a mini-market employee in Malaysia has been circulating, apparently cleaning the microwave with a dirty floor mop.

Reported from Mothership (27/01), this story began when one of the 7-Eleven Malaysia minimarket visitors shared several photos on his Twitter account @AshrafChak.

“Hello @7elevenmalaysia, please give a brief to your employees on how to clean (microwave) the right way. Can a used floor mop go into the microwave. It’s dirty!” Ashraf complained.

Employees Clean Microwaves Using Dirty Mops, This Minimarket Is Criticized Photo: Twitter @ashrafchak

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In the four photos he shared, an employee can be seen mopping the floor in the beverage machine area, and next to his desk is a microwave for visitors to heat up food.

After mopping the floor, with the same mop, the employee immediately wiped the inside of the microwave. Of course, this provoked a lot of criticism, because the mop was contaminated with dust, dirt and bacteria from the floor.

In a short time, this tweet has been liked by more than 15.4 thousand users and viewed 2.2 million times. After further investigation, this incident occurred at the 7-Eleven Kampung Attap outlet, Kuala Lumpur.

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Employee Cleans Microwave Using Dirty Mop, This Minimarket Is CriticizedEmployees Clean Microwaves Using Dirty Mops, This Minimarket Is Criticized Photo: Twitter @ashrafchak

“Does this employee have brain damage to the point where they don’t know how to clean a microwave properly?” criticism of one netizen.

“In my new life, it was the first time I saw someone cleaning the microwave using a mop,” commented netizens.

“I’ve met someone like this. Previously, his job was to mop the floor in the canteen, but after mopping the floor, he also mopped the table with the same mop. Without washing it first,” said another netizen.

Responding to this, 7-Eleven Malaysia immediately moved quickly and temporarily dismissed the employee.

“Hi, we from 7-Eleven would like to apologize for the actions of one of our employees. This violated the health protocol that we implemented at 7-Eleven. We guarantee that we will take firm action against the employee so that an incident like this does not happen again. Thank you! ” wrote a 7-Eleven Malaysia representative.

“We want to provide the latest developments, that we have taken firm action on this incident. One of them is by temporarily laying off the relevant employees, and replacing the microwave with a new microwave,” continued 7-Eleven Malaysia via their official Twitter account.

Until now the case regarding the microwave is still a hot topic of discussion among Malaysian netizens, especially loyal fans of 7-Eleven Malaysia minimarkets.

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