Empire State Trail: The New York to Canada hiking trail

It is a total of 1207 kilometers long, the new “Empire State Trail”, which should be completed by the end of 2020. According to the Website of the trail the New York Governor Andrew Cuomo arranged the construction. This was intended to strengthen tourism in the state on the one hand, and to make New Yorkers healthier and more active on the other. The path should be suitable for both hikers and cyclists.

Three hiking trails lead from New York City to Canada

The “Empire State Trail” is not a straight trail, but has a fork and runs like a “T” lying on its side. This is because it is based on two existing hiking trails that have been linked together. The route from New York City to Albany is comparatively straight and then splits up: One route continues west towards Buffalo, the other route continues straight on past Pittsburgh to the Canadian border.

On the website of the trail, three major routes are recommended, each covering the different regions of the trail and connecting shorter individual routes. There are a total of 61 sections of the “Empire State Trail”, the first, for example, only leads from Battery Park in Manhattan to the Bronx and is then called the “Manhattan Greenway Trail”.

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Sights along the “Empire State Trail”

There are hundreds of “historic sites, museums and cultural attractions” along the “Empire State Trail”, according to the website. These include national parks such as the “Schodack Island State Park” and the “Buffalo Harbor State Park”, but also attractions such as breweries or the nature reserve “Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge”.

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The path can already be walked in many places, but due to the corona pandemic, we ask you to keep a safe distance.


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