Emotionally Charged Man Contemplates Slapping Passenger Who Refuses Seat Change


Passenger named Jay Kloss felt emotional and wanted to slap another passenger who didn’t want to swap seats with him. Instead of being defended, Jay was even blasphemed by netizens.

The story begins when Jay Kloss and his wife Zoe boarded a Virgin Australia flight from Melbourne to Perth. The two booked business class seats for the flight.

On Virgin Australia aircraft, there are 8 business class seats with a 2-2 seat configuration. Well, Jay’s wife Zoe got a window seat. While Jay got a seat in the aisle alias cabin aisle.

The two are on the same line, but not next to each other. Jay sat separately from Zoe. When checking in, the aisle seat next to Zoe was already booked. Even so with the window seat next to Jay.

Jay thought, ‘Ah, I’ll swap seats with the passenger next to Zoe. After all, you’re both aisle seats,’

“After all, Zoe and I are going to sit together. As it turns out, that’s WRONG,” Jay complained in his viral Tiktok video, which has been watched by more than 230 thousand people.

Jay also told me, he had very politely asked permission from other passengers sitting next to Zoe to swap seats. However, the male passenger refused Jay’s request. She adamantly refused to switch seats with Jay, even though they both sat in the aisle chair.

“He just looked at me and didn’t respond. Then he said, ‘No, I don’t want to. But, I would like to sit there (pointing to the window seat occupied by Jay’s wife),” said Jay.

“I want to slap him,” Jay added.

Jay also said again to the male passenger earlier, “Bro, are you serious? These are the same seats. Are you sure you don’t want to swap seats with us?”

The passenger had also ignored Jay’s question. Zoe, who felt uncomfortable sitting with another man who wasn’t her husband, also joined in. He also asked the passenger the same question.

“Is there a problem? Is it possible you guys swap seats? It’s my birthday and I want to sit next to my husband,” said Zoe.

But the male passenger did not budge and remained seated in his seat. “Well, there’s no problem really. I don’t want to just move chairs,” replied the man.

Luckily the passenger sitting in the window seat next to Jay agreed swap seats with Zoe, so the couple could sit together the entire flight.

As soon as the video went viral on Tiktok, instead of the support that Jay received, he instead received a lot of blasphemy from netizens who were annoyed with Jay’s attitude.

“You are wrong. You should have booked the seat you wanted to sit in from the start,” commented one netizen.

“So what if it’s your wife’s birthday that day? She’s not a 5-year-old child. Order the seat you want early. It’s simple,” replied another netizen.

“The passenger might want to teach you a life lesson, that you can get not everything you want,” commented a wise netizen.

“People don’t have to say YES all the time, sometimes it’s also okay to say NO. It seems that the problem is not with the man, but with YOU,” said another netizen scathingly.

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