Emotional Moïse Trustfull misses father Orlando 50th birthday

Orlando Trustfull works in America, Atlante to be precise, as a football coach. Normally flying back and forth is not such a problem for the family, but the corona crisis makes it all a lot more difficult. Quinty was also in America for a very long time, so she even celebrated the anniversary of her so beloved Coffee time had to miss.

And so now the coronavirus has prevented the Trustfull family from being together to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of Father Orlando. “Unfortunately, you are still in America,” Moïse writes on Instagram. “Nevertheless, we just had a birthday lunch.”

Luckily for Moïse, she will see her father again in two weeks. “I love you endlessly and can’t wait to hug you flat again. I missed you so much.’

Another birthday was Ruben van der Meer and he was surprised in a very playful way.

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