Emotional letter of thanks from Alejandra Ferrer

Emotional letter of thanks from Alejandra Ferrer.

The president of the Consell de Formentera, Alejandra FerrerOn August 21, she shared an emotional letter of thanks on her social networks because she had been diagnosed with breast cancer just one year ago. «I want to take this anniversary to thank each and every one of the people, my family, friends and girlfriends who have accompanied and supported me day by day and step by step, on days when everything was going well, on those in which It seemed that the world stopped and was not going forward or in those who had excess strength or when mine was not enough and I have needed a helping hand to continue, “said Ferrer, who in the letter affirms that he is strong and demands more research, more prevention “and more services to make this path easier every day.”

Appearance today of the Minister Patricia Gómez.

The Parliament celebrates today the umpteenth appearance of the Minister of Health, Patricia gomez. She is the councilor who has appeared the most times in the Chamber.

Fast for the planet.

Activists Extinction Rebellion Ibiza They have started a fast framed in the global campaign ‘Earth Fast’. This advocacy activity is to demand that governments act immediately to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to protect biodiversity “through real democracy.”



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