Emotion accompanies business in Berthierville

Inauguration of the $ 2.5 million investment in IGA Extra

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The rain and dreary weather outside did not diminish the sun inside the IGA Extra Famille Mondor in Berthierville in any way last Thursday. The inauguration of the renovated premises thanks to an investment of $ 2.5 million was celebrated there.

Dominic Perreault (mayor of Berthierville), Carole Noël (political attaché to Deputy Minister Caroline Proulx) and Gaétan Dufresne (Vice-President of Business Development at Sobey’s) have in turn highlighted the dynamism of the owner, Jimmy Mondor . The latter underlined the excellence of his employees and the confidence of the customers.


“Jimmy is a unifier,” said Dominic Perreault. A teacher at Pierre-de-Lestage high school in Berthierville, he recalled having taught him mathematics. Mr. Mondor was quick to catch up with the numbers.

He also got to know him as an entrepreneur with the microbrewery he set up in Berthierville with other business people. He recalled having been received with open arms when the time came to request a presence on the shelves.

“Jimmy is a visionary, someone who wants to help you, who is there to support you,” he continued. At the same time, he highlighted the investments that Mr. Mondor is making in the city center. “Jimmy isn’t going with the wave. He provokes her, ”he also declared.

“Thank you for this massive investment for customers and for the friendly and bright environment for the employees,” said Ms. Noël. She mentioned Mr. Mondor’s involvement in the Regroupement des gens d’affaires de Lavaltrie and the TechnoCentre in Lavaltrie.

“You are a great source of inspiration for all,” she maintained.

Gaétan Dufresne underlined Mr. Mondor’s reputation as a recognized businessman, who owns more than ten gas stations. “Thank you for trusting us,” he said. He pointed out that Mr. Mondor is a man of his word, of passion.

“I am proud of this store. I did this for my great employees. They welcomed me with open arms. They trusted me, ”he said. He has owned the business for two years. He underlined their determination and dedication.

He went on to stress that customers are considered neighbors and friends. “Every day, they bring us happiness. The people of Berthier deserved that, ”he said with regard to the investment made.

Regarding discussions with Sobey`s for his arrival in Berthierville, he maintained that it changed his life. “I realize the dream of my life every day. I have a lot of fun every day, ”he said.

The $ 2.5 million investment enables the arrival of a Rachelle-Béry health-shop and the first “Beignes d’Antan” counter inside an IGA in Quebec. There is now also a smokehouse, a pizza-house counter and a bulk soap dispenser. At the same time, the establishment has a bright and warm environment.

Charging stations for electric cars are available.

IGA authorities

© Pierre Bellemare – L’Action d’Autray

Jimmy Mondor (second from the left), is in the company of Alain Ménard (senior vice-president of operations at Sobey’s), Carole Noël, Dominic Perreault and Gaétan Dufresne.


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