Emmy Morakot can be delicious at home in a dress I can’t see where to focus.

Age is really just a number. For one mother, With a degree as a former beauty queen And still remains beautiful, delicious, unbeatable Emmy Emerald Even if you have to raise a son ‘Nong Sai Nam’ By himself, coupled with working in the industry But Emmy takes care of her body on a regular basis. Until now, the figure is back to fit perfectly.

Plus, she is close to the age of number 4, but Emmy is always taking care of herself. To be bright Not old, not worn Recently, I made almost broken. Mother showing off her delicious figure Scalloped waist, plus a flat tummy Watching Cleanclean enviously Comes with a tight-fitting dress in sweet, concave colors, showing off a smooth, flat belly and stating that“Running every day … because I want to wear this outfit !!!“But I must really appreciate Because she is very beautiful


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