Emmy Maxim joins the frame of the Suk Phimai family, revealing their love for the tiger as parents love.

Emmy Maxim took a picture to join the frame of the Suk Phimai family, who expressed their gratitude to the parents and the confidence of the child.

Not long ago (18 November) Net idol girl Emmy Amonwan or Emmy Maxim has revealed that she is pregnant with her 3rd child, but asked not to launch her husband. Because now he is not ready. Including honoring the male Which he thinks that this is not as important as the husband is ready to take responsibility for both mother and child

Most recently (30 Dec), Emmy has posted a picture via her personal Instagram. While standing for a photo with the Suk Phimai family, with Sek Loso, Kan Wipakorn and Sua Setkarn with a caption

“Thank you, my parents and for being confident in me

Promise to do the best.

#Mmy As parents love

#We love loso family

# Emmy Maxim

# Strong but not bad “

This event made netizens flock to comment under the picture. Ask for answers from young Emmy, for example

“Or the baby in Emmy’s stomach right now, is P’Sek’s child, Nong Sua is Emmy’s girlfriend? Tiger is not connected, etc. “

Emmy Maxim

Emmy Maxim

# Emmy Maxim # Emmy Maxim Today # Emmy Maxim Latest

Cover photo: Instagram @mmyamalawan


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