Emmy Amonwan explained to Sua Chakri, the keyboard is sure to sue (clip)

Become drama After a sexy young model Emmy Amonwan Sirikittirat or Emmy Maxim Post a group photo with Sek Loso, Kan Wiphakorn, Sua Setkarn With a message telling you love the tiger and calling Sekkarn That many poor parents doubt the relationship Which the tiger has denied that they are not dating according to rumors in any way

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latest Emmy Amonwan Had recorded a clip explaining the story of the tiger By writing the caption “Clear clear pictures with Sek Loso family asking a lot Emmy would like to clarify the photo with Sek Loso. Emmy doesn’t eat children !!! ”In the clip, Emmy clarified that it really Then he only serves as the personal manager for the tiger Which at first refused Because I’m not sure I can But after handing out 3-4 jobs to the Tigers and able to bring the tiger to the casting, play a starring role Therefore decided to accept as a personal manager Along with asking for encouragement And plead not to misunderstand the tiger too

Emmy also posted a photo of herself and wrote a message to the keyboard shortly saying that he would take a serious sue after being cursed for a long time, saying, “This is not a warning post. But as a post to say #Start and go on defamation if not paid, go to prison immediately, not wait for criminal Do you like this? # Please check your quick account balance before posting or commenting on Emmy. # Is there enough money in your account to pay when sued? Create a fake face to scold Causing others to be damaged as well. # Spot he can meet, it means home.

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For those of you who post and leave Emmy humiliated, have fun. Endure for a long time #The more still the more being hurt After receiving the sign, you probably know the word honor more. Peddled in … Which star artist? That are of the same opinion with Emmy That this new era We should take Jing with good people. Who like commenting, insulting and posting, causing many artists and celebrities to discredit Making it less unemployed

Who stars think it’s time to take it seriously? This time is memorable. # Short keyboard or #Keyboard connoisseur go before posting anything. I have told you that you do not have fun. Hand of the year. No apologies People like Emy #Talking Do Jing Do Not Cheat Thai actors and actresses fight “.

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