“Emmanuel Macron to Address Latest Pension Reform Roadblocks Today as the Key Focus of the Day”

Two days after the rejection, by 9 votes, of one of the motions of censure
filed Monday against the government, President Emmanuel Macron must speak in a television interview at 1 p.m. on TF1 and France 2,
this Wednesday. This will be his first speech after the passage without a vote, via 49.3, of the pension reform. This Wednesday morning, blockages and roadblocks are again in place in several regions of France, after another evening of tense demonstrations. Follow the day with France Bleu.

The essential

New blockages this Wednesday

  • Blockages and roadblocks

Like everyday, many blockages take place in Brittany,
whether on the roads or around city bus depots. The Morlaix expressway is blocked, while no bus is running in Vannes
and Lorient.

In Le Havre, access to the northern bypass
from the airport is blocked by several roadblocks of demonstrators.

In the Vaucluse, the Plan d’Entraigues activity zone is blocked
. The demonstrators do not let the trucks in or out. An action that causes a traffic jam that stretches from Entraigues to Pontet.

Actions also take place in Ardeche,
or north of Tours
or in Niort.

In Le Havre, a new “dead ports” operation
is in progress. Employees of the port area and dockers block all access. No boat, merchandise or employee enters or leaves.

In Savoie, the unions have set up free toll operations
s in Chambéry and Saint-Hélène-sur-Isère. It is also the case in Nîmes, in the Gard.

Emmanuel Macron will speak at 1 p.m. on TF1 and France 2

President will be interviewed on the 1 p.m. news, on TF1 and France 2
. Tuesday evening, during a meeting with parliamentarians at the Elysée, he claimed that “the crowd” who demonstrates against the pension reform did not “no legitimacy in the face of the people who express themselves through their elected representatives
, assuming the forced passage of the reform. At the same meeting, however, he declared that he now wanted “appease”, “calm” et “listen” THE “angers” the French.

Transport disrupted on Wednesday

Transport is again disrupted this Wednesday.
The SNCF plans fairly stable traffic on the main lines and the TER, with 4 TGVs out of 5, 6 Intercités out of 10 and 2 TERs out of 3. On the other hand, no night trains will run, on the eve of the planned national mobilization day. this Thursday. The traffic is announced very disturbed for this ninth day of mobilization.

Traffic forecast for Wednesday
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The movement continues in refineries

Six of the seven sites (refineries and biorefineries in operation) in the metropolis are affected by strike movements . The shutdown of the TotalEnergies refinery in Normandy, which began on Friday, has been effective since Tuesday evening. Other sites are also threatened with shutdown. We take stock in this article.

Mobilization near you

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