Emmanuel Macron before the UN: Ukraine, environment, Covid … what to remember from the president’s speech

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This Tuesday, the French head of state was invited to speak in New York, during the 77th general assembly of the United Nations. The French president returned in particular to the fractures that divide the world, induced by the war in Ukraine.

Alongside the 150 heads of state and government invited to speak on the grandstand of the United Nations General Assembly, Emmanuel Macron accused Russia of having caused a “return of imperialism”.

“What we have been witnessing since February 24 is a return to the era of imperialism and colonies. France rejects it and will stubbornly seek peace,” insisted the French president. “On February 24 […] Russia deliberately violated the UN Charter. In doing so, Russia has decided to pave the way for other wars of annexation, in Africa, Asia or Latin America, “she said.


“We can say what we want, but as I speak to you, there are Russian troops in Ukraine,” he continued. “We have a choice to make, basically simple: that of war or peace”.

As for a way out of the conflict, “only an agreement respecting international law will restore peace,” said the head of state. “A negotiation will only be successful if Ukraine’s sovereignty is respected”, he insisted, referring to the “risk […] of a new division of the world ”.

Emmanuel Macron once again spoke of “simulacra” of referendums, while the authorities installed by Moscow in four regions of Ukraine announced the urgent holding from 23 to 27 September of a “referendum” on annexation by Russia, in the middle of the Ukrainian counter-offensive.

Building “a new contract between North and South”

On the fracture between the two hemispheres, one of the main themes of his speech, Emmanuel Macron asked to “build a new contract between North and South”. “Time is no longer for the logic of blocs, but for the construction of concrete coalitions”, he launched from the podium of the United Nations. “Our challenges are increasingly numerous and urgent and require new cooperation”, justified the Head of State.

“On all these issues, it is necessary to develop partnerships between North and South. All this is the opposite of a division that some want to establish. In the face of all these challenges, we must be more supportive, but in case you give in to the sirens that do not bring nowhere “, continued the French president.

Regarding the energy crisis in Europe after the conflict in Ukraine, Emmanuel Macron said that “our first battle is the eradication of coal”. “China and the major emerging countries need to make a clear decision,” he said. According to him, “the G7 must lead by example”.

Finally, Emmanuel Macron hinted at a possible “reform of the UN Security Council”, with the aim of allowing greater representativeness. He wants to limit the use of the right of veto in “mass crime cases”.

Emmanuel Macron: “I hope that the reform of the Security Council will finally start to make it more representative and welcome new members” pic.twitter.com/NVqFhEQE0l

– BFMTV (@BFMTV) September 20, 2022

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