Emmanuel André on the Omicron variant: “Professor Raoult had said the same thing as Yves Van Laethem and he was wrong”

This Tuesday, on the airwaves of La Première, Emmanuel André microbiologist (KULeuven) was invited to answer the questions everyone has about the Omicron variant. The latter has already pointed out a problem in the assessment made by the “South African colleagues”. “The study, which was publicized and in which they did not observe a severe form of the virus, was done on the first confirmed cases. You have to look at who they observed to conduct this study and they in fact observed a very young population. For all the variants, when we observe the same population, we will not or very very few cases of severe form of the virus because the age category does not correspond to the risk categories. “

According to the microbiologist, we must look at older and more vulnerable people to see if severe forms of the virus are triggered with the Omicron variant. “We must start from the hypothesis that this Omicron variant will create severe forms like all the other variants we have known in the past.”


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