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Muhammad Jamal wrote

Friday, March 10, 2023 07:18 PM

On Friday, the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center published, on its Twitter account, pictures documenting the participation of Emirati astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi in an “agricultural experiment” in space, according to Sky News.

The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center attached the photos with a comment: “Astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi is preserving samples of tomato fruits, which were previously cultivated on board the International Space Station.”

He explained that this was done “in preparation for its analysis, as part of a study on securing food sustainably in space (the Veg-05 agricultural experiment in space).”

Al Neyadi reviews the experience of growing tomatoes in space

In another publication, the center published pictures of the club practicing sports in space, saying: “On Earth, sport is important … but in space it is indispensable.”

He continued, “We exercise on board the International Space Station for about two and a half hours a day, to avoid muscle atrophy and bone weakness in the microgravity environment.”

And Thursday, Al-Neyadi shared with his followers on the social networking site “Twitter”, the splendor of the scene from the International Space Station, through a video clip that documented the planet Earth from space, while the International Space Station was flying over the continent of Africa.

Growing tomatoes in space

Al Neyadi commented on the video, saying: “I share with you these moments in which I see Earth for the first time from the observation unit (Coppola) aboard the International Space Station.”

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The Emirati astronaut, who arrived at the International Space Station as part of the “Cro-6” team, added: “The farther we go from Earth, the more beautiful we see it … and we realize the more important it is to preserve it.”

In the video clip, he said: “As promised, here I am filming Coppola, let’s see the first views. It just came true, we are over Africa.”

Agriculture in space

And Wednesday, Al-Neyadi published his first message from space after his arrival at the International Space Station, saying in a tweet on Twitter: “Peace to Earth from space… Peace to the homeland and its leaders.”

And he added, “Peace be upon everyone who carried Zayed’s ambition in his heart and directed his eyes towards us in space. The dream has become a reality and the march continues.”

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