Emirates News Agency – “Telecom Regulatory and Digital Government” concludes its virtual camp with the participation of 3026 students

ABU DHABI, 11th August / WAM / The Communications Regulatory Authority and the Digital Government concluded the eighth session of the “Tedra” virtual camp, which in its current version constituted a unique experience for the participating students, by giving them the opportunity to explore the vast possibilities of metaverse technology, which is the future of the Internet in the coming years. .

The camp witnessed the participation of 3,026 male and female students, both citizens and residents of the state, and the percentage of female participants reached 47%, while the percentage of males was 53%.

The virtual closing ceremony of the camp came in the presence of His Excellency Engineer Mohammed Ibrahim Al Zarouni, Deputy Director General of the Authority for Information and Digital Government Sector, the Authority’s employees, participating students and their parents. To the spirit of innovation that is reflected in the creativity of our sons and daughters students, and this year’s session was an extension of what was achieved in the past years, to enter more into the world of the future, while this was manifested in the application of virtual reality represented in the promising metaverse experience, which will form one of the features of the world during the few years coming.

Al-Zarouni stressed the importance of the experience that the students lived in the camp, and he said, directing his speech to the participants: We are the people of a country that has defined its compass in the future world, and it is moving quickly and with confident steps towards that goal, and we are fully aware that our success in achieving our future projects depends on you; It depends on your generation, which is distinguished by its openness to technologies that were not known a few years ago. It is also characterized by its possession of a wide range of knowledge tools and its windows that open to the wide world. We want you to be ambassadors for your country in the world of the future.

Over the course of two weeks, each student implemented 18 tasks in the general track for the age group from 7 to 12 years old, and 15 tasks for each student in the general track for the age group from 13 to 18 years old, and students implemented 76 advanced projects for the advanced track for the age group from 13 to 18 years old. During the camp, the students benefited from 175 hours of technical support, 86 training clips, and 14 hours of live broadcasting.

The closing ceremony witnessed honoring the winners of the camp in the advanced and general tracks. In the general track, the student Eithar Muhammad Al-Khaza’leh and the student Abdullah Yousef Al-Khalil won the gold award, while the student Aisha Seif and the student Ismail Ashraf won the silver award, while the bronze award went to The student Ghala Abdullah and the student Noura Saeed Al Ketbi, while in the general track the student Ali Hamid Al-Loghani, the student Anisa Mubarak Al Ketbi and the student Zayed Salem Al Kalbani won.

During the ceremony, the winning students gave a detailed explanation of their projects, while the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and the Digital Government thanked the students’ parents for their great efforts in helping their children and making the camp activities a success.

It is noteworthy that the Authority’s virtual camp in its eighth edition is a continuation of the successes achieved in previous sessions, and an embodiment of the Authority’s commitment to its social responsibilities towards Emirati students, by providing them with skills that qualify them to lead in the adoption of future technologies, such as the smart city and the positive and safe use of technology, social communication, design and arts creativity, building positive skills, and other activities, as the camp contributed to the training of more than 21,000 students during its previous sessions, and witnessed the distribution of 15,000 home technical laboratories.

WAM/ Rami Samih/ Mustafa Badr El Din

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