Emirates News Agency – Federal National Council approves two federal bills concerning organization of General Sports Authority and sport

ABU DHABI, November 30th / WAM / During its second session of the Fourth Ordinary Session of the Seventeenth Legislature, which was held today in Zayed Hall at the Council headquarters in Abu Dhabi, chaired by His Excellency Saqr Ghobash, President of the Council, he approved two federal bills concerning the organization of the General Sports Authority and on sports.

The provisions of a federal sports bill apply to sports organizations and bodies and to all areas of sporting activity in the country, including free zones. A distinguished athlete in partnership between the government and the private sector, promotion of sporting affairs and governance of the sports sector in the framework of compliance with the Olympic Charter and national and international regulations and laws.

It also aims to support sports organizations in achieving their goals in community and competitive sports and sporting excellence locally and globally, and to encourage children, young people, the elderly and people with disabilities of both sexes to participate physical and sporting.

The bill defines the general authority of sport as an independent federal public authority which enjoys legal personality, financial and administrative independence, as well as the necessary legal capacity to undertake all legal actions and actions necessary for the exercise of its responsibilities and reports to the Council of Ministers.

His Excellency Saqr Ghobash, Prime Minister, said in his speech at the beginning of the session on the occasion of Martyr’s Day: “On this day every year the memory of the righteous martyrs of the nation is commemorated, who embodied with their sacrifices the meaning nobler and more beautiful than courage in the face of death, in sacrifice for this country and its citizens, and may the flag of the Emirates remain high and flying.” With the blood and souls of his best sons, greetings from all of us to every martyr in his grave, and greetings of veneration and reverence to his family and kin.

His Excellency added: “We are on this day to draw inspiration from this memory of loyalty at its best, loyalty to a homeland which has bestowed its citizens with all the best, and loyalty to a people who do all they can to keep their status in the tallest building in the best possible way and loyalty to an unlimited giving leadership represented by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed

Al Nahyan, State President, God protect him, with his brother, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum – Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai (God protect him), and their brothers, Their Highnesses, Rulers of the Emirates.

His Excellency Saqr Ghobash said, “Just as this day confirms, brothers and sisters, that the UAE has armed forces to protect them, it also confirms that the UAE does not proceed with its armed forces except on the path of truth.” and defending it, believing that true power is the power that makes peace a basis for coexistence, and makes Tolerance a constitution for relationships with others, and makes cooperation between countries and peoples the path to human security and good of humanity.

He added: “In conclusion, and from this rostrum, I am honored to send on behalf of the Federal National Council, on behalf of each of its members and on behalf of its general secretariat, greetings of honor and appreciation to our armed forces and the their valiant leadership, writing the finest pages in building and training Emirati sons and daughters to always be the nation’s shield.” It is its protection, and the source of its pride and dignity, and in it our emirates have always been a home of stability, security, protection, prosperity and progress, with its loyal people and sincere and rational leadership .

The session was attended by His Excellency Dr. Ahmed bin Abdullah Belhoul Al Falasi, Minister of Education and Chairman of the General Authority for Sports, and His Excellency Saeed Abdul Ghaffar Hussein, Secretary General of the Authority.

The session began with a recital by His Excellency Dr. Omar Al-Nuaimi, Secretary General of the Council, the agenda items and the approval of the minutes of the inaugural session – the first held by the Council on 21/11/2022 AD The Council also reviewed “47” federal orders issued.

The Council has received a message from His Excellency Dr Ahmed bin Abdullah Belhoul Al Falasi, Minister of Education, which includes his request to defer the response to five questions to the next session, addressed by Council members, His Excellency Naima Abdul Rahman Al Mansouri, on “Providing educational opportunities in public universities for determined deaf people”, His Excellency Kifah Muhammad Al-Zaabi on “Integrating Islamic education, Arabic language and social studies curricula”, and His Excellency Obaid Khalfan Al-Salami on “The length of the school day and its impact on students’ health, socially and academically”, and His Excellency Somaya Hareb Al-Suwaidi on “Delaying the equivalence of higher education certificates awarded beyond out of the State and Her Excellency Dr. Sheikha Obaid Al-Tunaiji on “The Ministry’s future plan to meet the needs of public schools for national teachers for primary and secondary stages”.

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