Emirates news agency – European stocks drop after 3 earnings sessions

LONDON, October 5th / WAM / European stock indices fell during today’s trading, ending the rally that continued for three consecutive sessions.
At 13:40 UAE time, the European “Stoxx 600” index fell 0.71%, or 2.8 points, to reach the level of 400.23 points.
The German “DAX” index fell 0.68%, or 93.4 points, to reach 12,577.05 points, while the French “CAC 40” index fell 90.4 points, or 0.6% , to reach 6003.2 points.
The UK “FTSE 100” index fell by 91.78 points, or 1.3 per cent, to reach the level of 6,994.68 points, and the “Euro Stoxx 50” index fell by 0.8 %, equal to 27.9 points, to reach the level of 3,456.69 points.

Reda Abdelnour / Ramy Sameeh


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