Emirates News Agency – Dubai Municipality Attends “Emirates Vision 2022 Exhibition”

DUBAI, 20 September / WAM / The City of Dubai participates in the “Emirates Vision 2022 Exhibition”, considered the most important event for employment, education and training for UAE citizens, from 20 to 22 September , at the Dubai World Trade Center.

The participation of the Dubai Municipality in the exhibition aims to encourage Emirati youth to take advanced steps to achieve success, support their professional and personal development and implement the directives of the wise leadership on promoting the Emiratisation dossier in the Emirate of Dubai, such as part of the municipality’s efforts to achieve its strategic objectives through the implementation of programs and projects to attract the best national talent and provide opportunities for qualification, training and professional support by adopting the Emiratization policy and increasing its percentage of total employees of the municipality of Dubai.

The City of Dubai has launched the “Jobs of the Future” initiative with the aim of attracting, sending and encouraging students to join according to the fields and the future specializations required in them, with training and development in collaboration with the sector private, in translation of the common objectives in the development of human capital and in the improvement of its skills through the training, qualification and early preparation of cadres in line with the vision of the future of the Emirate of Dubai.

The tracks approved for future works were designed based on the municipal workspaces and included the engineering path with the 3D printing specialization, the digital path, which includes artificial intelligence and digital data science, and the path of food safety with the specialization of Big Data Analysis.

During its participation in the exhibition, the Municipality will exhibit the “Guide Me Program”, which aims to guide high school students and make them aware of future directions of work and the importance of choosing a major appropriate to their academic desires. , in line with the UAE’s vision and strategy and its future aspirations.

It will also show the various specializations that the citizens occupy in the municipality, as it attracts various specializations such as engineering in its various fields, veterinary medicine and others, as well as reviewing the success stories of the employees of the municipality in order to inform the participants about the labor fields and career opportunities.

The Municipality of Dubai has launched the “Ruwad” initiative for recent graduates by adopting and training them in the technical and administrative sectors that support the municipality Institutional planning and governance Public utilities Regulation on waste and sanitation and building license Environment, health and safety.

The municipality said that some jobs in the engineering sectors will be announced, in particular in the specializations of civil, architectural and mechanical engineering, to guide participants to submit their applications through the “Dubai Jobs” platform and a workshop will be organized to guide and train job seekers and introduce them to the basics of successful interviewing.

The Municipality of Dubai considers Emiratization policy as a pillar in the process of increasing the percentage of total and qualitative Emiratization for holders of bachelor’s and high school degrees by citizens within its cadres through an ambitious plan to invest energies in various administrative and professional sectors and support them to complete the construction and development process.The staff is equipped with the most modern facilities and technologies for training and rehabilitation.

WM / Munira Al-Sumaiti / Reda Abdel Nour

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