Eminem’s performance at the Oscars almost ended in failure

The artist admits that he will never review the video recording of his performance.

Eminem Photo: globallookpress

World famous rap artist Eminem He was literally on top of the musical Olympus in the late 90s, but then he was replaced by more successful performers. At the Oscar 2020 film award ceremony, the musician again showed who the real rap king was, but as it turned out more recently, the legendary performance of Lose Yourself was literally on the verge of collapse.

As Eminem told the publication NME, due to a slight technical problem, the whole performance could go down the drain. At the time of going on stage, everything was fine, but in the process of performing, the equipment necessary for the artist to literally hear the sound fell off and dangled at the knee level. Of course, the singer knew the lyrics perfectly, but such trifles knocked off balance. According to Eminem, he never wants to see a video of his speech, since the memories of that moment cause only anger in him.



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