Emilio Lozoya electronically signed the book of defendants- Uno TV

Emilio Lozoya was a former director of Pemex. Photo: Cuartoscuro / Archive

The former CEO of Pemex, Emilio Lozoya, signed the this Saturday afternoon he processed book, electronically, before the Unit for Follow-up and Supervision of Precautionary Measures and Conditional Suspension of the Process, in charge of the National Guard.

He did so, since in the wake of the pandemic caused by the coronavirus COVID-19 it was determined that those linked to the process sign via email to reduce contagion risks, the Secretary of Security and Citizen Protection (SSPC).

This unit was created on par with the new Accusatory Criminal Justice System and was in charge of the National Guard.

Since the judge ordered Emilio Lozoya probation, imposed three precautionary measures:

  • You cannot leave the country.
  • You must wear a bracelet, which is monitored by the National Guard.
  • And you will have to sign every 15 days in said Precautionary Measures Unit.

Just as he did this Saturday, This obligation will be performed by signing electronically, until the authorities of the Federal Judicial Power so determine.

In this way, the former director of Mexican oil, fulfilled the requirement of signing the processed book, in addition to completing all three measurements precautionary that were imposed on him by two federal judges to face his two criminal cases released:

  • You already delivered your Passport and visa to avoid leaving the country.
  • A electronic bracelet that monitors your location.
  • Signed the processed book.

Since his parole was issued, the National Guard no longer takes over the security of Lozoya Auztin.

With information from Gustavo Castillo, Uno TV

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