Emilio Izaguirre reveals himself: ” Diego told me that it was important, but he never appreciated me; it’s painful ” – Ten

Motagua He surprised this Wednesday by announcing three casualties for the Clausura 2021: Rubilio Castillo and those of Wilmer and Felix crisanto. After hearing the news, many fans thanked him for his performance, but the most unexpected would arrive at night.

This is how Motagua announced the exits of Wilmer and Félix Crisanto

TEN learned that another of the casualties prepared by the Diego Vazquez is the Emilio Izaguirre, the experienced footballer who could not earn the title, since he always alternated on that left wing with Omar Elvir.

The Honduran defender spoke exclusively with TEN and expressed that he feels very hurt by the situation he is experiencing in the team of his loves and ensures that from the beginning he was never one of the Argentine coach’s favorites.

He has not felt valued by Diego Vázquez

” No, I was just there to fill the squad, the tournament started and I played against the UPN and he (Diego Vázquez) told me that he was going to play one game, yes and no. I never felt well treated by him. He had his people, it’s okay, every coach is like that and you understand it, I am a player who dedicates myself only to Motagua and I have been part of its history. But I am calm because I always tried to be a professional and take care of my work. There was a game that only got me a minute and I really wanted to, I was never part of his team. I didn’t feel valued. ”

How long do you have a contract in Motagua?

” I have a two-year contract, but no manager has told me to leave. I did not count on Diego from the beginning. ”

Motagua would let him go despite the fact that it is the most expensive transfer in the club’s history

“Celtic gave Motagua 2.2 million euros, almost 50 million lempiras for my signing.”

Would you continue in the team if they manage to convince Diego?

“He has quite strong pride, the managers have not told me anything, I have no grudge with Motagua or Diego or anyone, but they must be loyal and tell me what is happening. I returned to Motagua because I am from Tegucigalpa and I would not like to move to another city. ”

Diego told him that he was an important player for the team

“He told me to go forward, to be positive, but he never had the idea that I was a starter.”

Why did you decide to return to Motagua knowing that it was not in Diego’s plans?

” I thought things were going to change, because with my work and professionalism I tried to respect everyone, even the youngest, I respected everyone’s work. He (Diego Vázquez) told me not to talk to the managers. I tried to pay attention and continue working to continue in the National Team, to continue growing as a footballer, because I feel young and because of football they cannot claim me. ”

How is your relationship with Diego on a day-to-day basis?

” I respected him and always called him ‘Profe’. I will never disrespect him, that I got angry once or twice for not playing is understandable. ”

Will you charge Motagua for those two years of contract if the relationship is terminated?

” I don’t know, the managers haven’t told me anything, I haven’t been playing for money at any time with Motagua, but they have disrespected me greatly. It’s hard”.

Would you accept that Motagua lends it to another team?

” I am a player made, I have won 14 titles abroad, I have won the only international title with Motagua, I have played two World Cups, how are they going to lend me? I’m not a dick. ”

How could this negotiation end?

“I hoped that before the news came out the managers would speak to me, that they would tell me that it was Diego’s decision, but I am not like young people who can do what they want.”

You want to retire in Motagua, but everything changes with this situation

“I thought like that, I hoped things would change, I tried to do everything positive, but many things that happened in Motagua began to hurt me, because there are many injustices. I feel young. I’m going to retire when I have an injury, I still have that passion for playing football, for winning, for having fun. The Atalas gave me the opportunity when I returned from Celtic and I was happy with life, but now I think Diego is going to take it away from me. ”

Victoria could be Wilmer Crisanto’s next destination

If this relationship ends, could he play with another team from Honduras and even in Olympia?

” Sure, I try to do things professionally and value the people who give me the opportunity. I grew up in Olympia, I was there for four years. But right now I want to think only about my team, I want to end the relationship if the board talks to me and tells me not to worry about Diego. ”

If the fans had to choose between Diego and Emilio?

” They choose Diego, for me him and he’s fine. He thought I was a negative for the group, but he never told me. He told me he was an important player, but he always had another player before me. ”

Are you willing to go abroad again?

” Sure, I wouldn’t want to because my children are happy with school here, but no prophet is a prophet of their land. This is something very painful because there at Celtic they did appreciate and value me. ”


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