Emiliano Martinez is considered inappropriate to make fun of Mbappé

Jakarta, CNNI Indonesia

Former Aston Villa player, Darren Bent rate Emiliano Martinez it’s not worth teasing Kylian Mbappe after Argentina won the 2022 World Cup.

Bent realized Martinez was filled with great joy after guiding Argentina to victory in the 2022 World Cup. However, Bent overreacted by repeatedly taunting Mbappe as a form of exaggeration.

“I understand that, but I think he exaggerated. I know they beat France, but he’s referring to the guy who scored four goals against him in the whole game.”

“He didn’t save any penalties or do anything to make Mbappé look stupid. Mbappé can still score triplet for 120 minutes and scored on penalties. And so three times [penalti]performs a similar movement [gagal menangkap],” Bent allegedly said Birmingham Post.

Bent again repeated his statement about the inadequacy of Martinez excessively teasing Mbappé. Martinez should have known that he was deceived four times by Mbappé.

“It’s okay and obviously it looks good that he’s joking and making jokes [pada Mbappe] because he won the world cup, but if we’re just talking about Mbappé versus Martinez, Mbappé makes Martinez look awkward” Bent said.

Argentina looked dominant and led 2-0 until the match started in the last 15 minutes. Mbappe then kicked off by scoring two goals in record time to level it at 2-2.

Lionel Messi then put Argentina back in front in the 108th minute, but then Mbappé leveled things up with a goal in the 118th minute.

Argentina just managed to finish off France’s resistance on penalties with a score of 4-2.

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