Emergency services turn out en masse for extractors in Rotterdam | Inland

The emergency services received a call on Monday, after which an ambulance, trauma helicopter and police turned out en masse. The caller said he was in a container.


Nine people were subsequently found in a container with wood. Although the first report was that it was about stowaways, the police suspect that they are eviscerators. These are people who hide at the container terminal in order to then remove drugs that have been sent with loads from containers.

According to the police, the nine people had no apparent physical problems, but were checked by the ambulance staff just to be sure. They didn’t have to go to the hospital.

They were arrested after which they were transferred to the office of the Seaport Police.

More containers searched

A search is currently underway for even more extractors that may be in another container. “The telephone that was called that there were breathing problems was not found. We are not sure whether people are actually detained, but we are looking to be sure,” said a police spokesperson at the scene.


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