“Emergency exit” Selection Avignon Off 2021: Humor Show in Metz

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Show – Humor

  • Salle Braun

Further information
  • Access adapted for people with reduced mobility

  • Full price: 15.00 €
  • Job seekers: 13.00 €
  • Seniors : 13.00 €
  • Students / Schoolchildren: 13.00 €

P’tits Molières 2018 for the best comedy show. Director: Georges Beller. Actors: Benjamin Isel, Hadrien Berthaut. A flight quite simply hilarious with two comedians who go crazy … • “Ladies and gentlemen, passengers of flight BH80-90 towards New York, are asked to go to gate C for immediate boarding. »• Hello, control tower, here flight BH80-90, the captain is talking to you, everything is going well on the flight. Say, New York, is that the city with the big red bridge? Emergency Issue is the story of the last flight of a skilled pilot and his co-pilot, full of ambition, who will succeed him. They have been traveling the world side by side for more than ten years. This last flight, which was supposed to be a simple formality, will turn into an incredible journey with an uncertain outcome.

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