Emergency doctor Jan Stroobants: “This is damage control, the tanker …

Emergency doctor Jan Stroobants, of the Antwerp ZNA, thinks that the stricter measures of the Flemish government are coming too late. “This is damage control”, He said in ‘To the point’. “The tanker is going to hit the rocks. Maybe we can take a slight turn and limit the damage. But that we are going to hit the rocks, that is certain for us. ”

According to Stroobants, the measures had to be taken much earlier. “It cannot be blamed on the government alone. We are all responsible for that. ”

He points out that there is also a group of non-Covid patients who also need necessary care. “If you have to be admitted to a hospital now, you may have to choose who to put where now.”

The emergency doctor does not rule out a “horror scenario”. “We also have to choose who should get the final bed in intensive care.”


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