Elvis Presley’s only grandson died, he was 27 years old. The boulevard speculates suicide


Benjamin Keough, the only grandson of legendary rock’n’roll singer Elvis Presley, died at the age of 27. His mother Lisa Marie Presley informed about it on Sunday.

“She adored the boy. It was the love of her life,” Presley’s manager Roger Widynowski said. Presley also has three daughters. She has said in the past that her son is incredibly similar to her father, who died in 1977 at the age of 42.

The coroner’s office in Los Angeles County only stated that it was investigating the death of a person of the same name and age, but did not provide further information. The tabloid TMZ website wrote that unnamed police officers wrote that Keough had committed suicide, but according to Reuters, this information has not been independently verified.

Lisa Marie is the only descendant of Presley, her mother was actress Priscilla Presley. Benjamin was the younger of two children Lisa Marie had with her first husband, musician Danny Keough, before they divorced in 1994. Another child from this marriage is actress Riley, who is 31 years old.

Lisa Marie also has two other daughters, twins, with her fourth husband, Michael Lockwood. She married him in 2006 after short marriages with pop icon Michael Jackson and actor Nicolas Cage.

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