Elvis in the cinema – and the people of Braunschweig are thrilled

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Cinema in Brunswick

Elvis in the cinema – and the people of Braunschweig are thrilled

23.06.2022, 14:41

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Elvis Presley is still a luminary of rock’n’roll today. Austin Butler stars as the legendary musician in Baz Luhrmann’s new film.

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Baz Luhrmann’s biopic has taken the top spot in BZ premiere favorites. But there are also critical voices.

At the end of the BZ film premiere, there was applause for the almost three-hour drama “Elvis”. It explores the life and music of Elvis Presley (Austin Butler) and the complicated relationship with his enigmatic manager “Colonel” Tom Parker (Tom Hanks). The story explores the complex dynamic between the two men spanning more than 20 years – from Presley’s rise to fame, through the unprecedented celebrity cult surrounding him, to his tragic end.

This was noted by visitors to the premiere in Braunschweig after the film:

Sylvia Scholz: Phenomenal, a single high. Austin Butler frighteningly authentic. Look at!!! cried

Christiane Nowak: Am disappointed! This movie doesn’t do the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll justice. No original songs (only at the very end and in the credits), weak acting, Tom Hanks and his role superfluous. Elvis documentaries are 100 percent better.

Birgit Geese (62): what a sad life so rich, so poor. Great Elvis Actor!

Mother of Pearl Saridlioghu (22): A little too long.

Petra Tischendorf: The last third of the film is particularly impressive.

Martin Geisler: A film about the greatest entertainer in history, his unique rise, his ruthless exploitation and the sadly inevitable end.

Maximilian Mueller (29): Flat characters, no relationship that would allow the viewer to develop feelings for the protagonists. It seemed as if the film had to find its own statement throughout its run.

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Svenja-Maureen Krzizok (26): A rollercoaster of emotions for all ages.

Horst-Dieter Kling (65): A great movie. The example of EP shows the possible brutality of show business. The story of EP, which I wasn’t that familiar with, is also impressive.

Patrick Diekmann: The film is a successful homage to Elvis. He shows well what corruption, exploitation, drugs, but also passion demand from an actually normal person who was just himself. In the end he pays with his life.

Marianne Thier-English (66): Great actors, great music, good story. But unfortunately very hectic and kitschy told. Hardly any quiet moments, no depth. Too bad.

Isabel Lenze (66): It’s terrifying to see a manipulative man (Tom Parker) influencing the life of a terrific singer (Elvis). Austin Butler plays great.

Jutta Mroß (69): Actor ok, but where was the “red line”? Also, was the movie way too long?

Bernd Elsner (79): I didn’t know the end of Elvis’ life like that. Very touching. Great music, great sound. First class!

Thomas Geese (68): Some strong music scenes and good actors can’t save this monstrous schmonzette. Disappointing!

Andreas Grzybowski (52): At first the film seemed a bit playful. This settled with a grandiose portrayal of the main actors. Mr. Butler did a very memorable portrayal of Elvis. Oscar ready.

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