Elon Musk shares “[email protected]” graph driving Bandai’s share price surge

Elon Musk has won many loyal followers with its Space X and Tesla. At present, Twitter has as many as 42 million followers. After he earlier called on people to use Signal on Twitter, many users who intended to withdraw from WhatsApp have transferred, and the shares of the Signal Advance company of the same name have risen, showing its influence. And he recently shared a memes of “THE [email protected]” on Twitter, which also successfully increased the stock price of Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc., the animation’s parent company.

Musk shared a Memes with an automatic drawing of “THE [email protected]” on Twitter yesterday (13th). “THE [email protected]” is an animation adapted by Japanese entertainment company Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. through the video game series of the same name. It is a very popular game and animation work in Japan.

The post has more than 500,000 likes and more than 100,000 retweets so far, and the stock price of Bandai Namco Holdings Inc., the producer of “THE [email protected]”, has risen more than 4%.

In fact, Musk has always paid attention to Japanese pop culture. In the early years, he also shared his love for the anime movie “Your Name” and the Ghibli movie “Princess Mononoke” on Twitter. He even jokingly asked people to call him “Elon-chan” (伊隆酱 (ちゃん)), I believe its influence can increase overseas people’s understanding of Japanese pop culture.

source:Elon Musk Twitter

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