Elon Musk Introduces ‘Poo’ Emoji as Replacement for Twitter Press Service

The boss of the platform no longer wishes to respond to requests from journalists. A strategy similar to that of Tesla, the emoji “poop” in addition.

“Pooh”. This is now what Twitter will respond to all requests from journalists. On March 19, his boss Elon Musk announced that the platform’s press team mailbox was now automated. Upon receipt of any message, a “poop” emoji is now instantly sent – which Tech&Co has been able to verify.

Tensions with journalists

Behind the apparent childishness of this initiative, we find a strategy already tested by Elon Musk, who in the past dismantled the press department of his other company, Tesla. Above all, it follows numerous open conflicts between the businessman and the journalists covering his activities.

In December 2022, he deactivated the accounts of several American journalists who write regularly on Twitter, before finally reactivating them after a shower of criticism.

Since the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk in the fall of 2022, many employees of the company have been laid off. Among them, the employees in charge of the communication of the social network. With this latest initiative, which effectively cuts off any exchange with the media, the opacity around Twitter could be further reinforced.

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