Elon Musk confessed what is the worst job he has ever had

Elon musk It was sincere (again) in a podcast of his company Tesla how his beginnings were and what he had to do to get where he is.

Musk was born in South Africa, where he lived during his childhood. But when he entered his teens he moved to Canada, where he had to work on a wheat farm to be able to carry out his expenses.

In the podcast titled “Third Row Tesla”, the magnate and billionaire confessed that he always had the dream of working in the technological field and that is why he wanted to reach the United States, since he knew that he could develop that instinct there.

But to reach his American dream, He not only had to work on a farm, but also at a sawmill in Vancouver. In his own words, this has been the “worst” job he has ever had. He had to clean the boiler rooms and also had to go through a narrow tunnel to remove, with a shovel, very hot sand from the boiler.

“It didn’t seem safe because, if the tunnel was blocked, it was very difficult to exit quickly,” he said in the podcast, whose version was published on the YouTube video platform.

Magazine Forbes He listed Elon Musk at number 23 of the most influential people and with money internationally.

Elon Musk currently has US and Canadian nationality. He is the founder of several companies such as Tesla Motors, SpaceX, Hyperloop, SolarCity, The Boring Company and co-founder of PayPal. His fortune is estimated at approximately 38.2 billion dollars.

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