Elnashra.com reports price decline of 28,000 pounds for two petrol tanks, 25,000 pounds for diesel oil, and 17,000 pounds for gas.

The General Directorate of Petroleum of the Ministry of Energy and Water issued a new table for fuel prices. The price of the 95 and 98 octane petrol cans decreased by 28,000 Lebanese pounds, the price of the diesel fuel tank decreased by 25,000 pounds, and the price of the gas bottle decreased by 17,000 Lebanese pounds.

The prices of liquid fuels are as follows:

A can of 95-octane petrol: 1,949,000 pounds.

A can of 98-octane petrol: 1,996,000 pounds.

Diesel fuel plate: 1,799,000 pounds.

Gas bottle: 1,269,000 pounds.

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