Ellen DeGeneres puts villa in Montecito for sale for 34 million | Entertainment

entertainment“>The lucky buyer will receive a house that is located on a mountain top overlooking the ocean and built in Balinese style. Ellen and Portia have bought several properties in recent years, refurbished them and sold them on with a lot of profit and the couple hope to do that again.

entertainment“>DeGeneres, who came under fire last summer due to negative comments from (former) employees, has now started her daily talk show again, but is still working on real estate. Together with Portia, she has purchased multiple homes and plots of land in Montecito and the Los Angeles area. Because Ellens houses are almost always sold in the higher segment, all buildings are equipped with the very latest security gadgets.

entertainment“>If the buyer so wishes, Ellen and Portia can also fully furnish the house and ensure that the new residents only have to move a suitcase with clothes to their new accommodation.

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