Ella Travolta is the new Alice

John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s daughter gets lost in Budapest – Wonderland

Ella Blue Travolta, the daughter of John Travolta and the late Kelly Preston followed in the footsteps of their parents.

The 21-year-old beauty, who inherited not only the talent of her famous parents, but also their beauty, shared photos on social networks from the movie Get lost, a new interpretation of “Alice in Wonderland”. She plays the lead role of Louis Carroll’s favorite character. As Hollywood is obviously starting to act, this film is a modern reading of the classic tale. This is the approach in the new “Cinderella”.

Come like Alice

In this version of the story of Alice, all the creatures involved in the generally psychedelic adventures in the fairy tale turn into humans. The wonderland in this case is Budapest. Ella is a young woman who arrives there to fulfill the last wish of her mother, who lost some time ago. A strange girl, Trista, who is actually the White Rabbit, takes her one night on an unusual journey in which she meets not only human-like creatures, but also a mysterious young man. Finally, when it’s all over, the heroine understands many important things and is liberated mentally, says the description of the plot in IMDB.

The director is Daniela Amavia. The role of the Crazy Hatter, who is also said to be an emigrant from the London aristocracy in the film, is the young Edward Philipponate. The role of the Red King is played by the great actor James Cromwell.

James Cromwell is the Red King

Jane Merow is the White Queen.

The young man named Ryan, called the White Knight, is played by Dominican Jean-Louis Castellanos, also known for the series “13 Reasons Why”.

In one of the photos Ella posted these days, she smiles at her proud father, who has come to greet her on the set in Budapest. He himself has always said that he is ready to help his daughter Ella, who has been tempted to inherit her parents’ profession since she was a child. The dark-haired enchantress is very enthusiastic about her work and poses in front of piles of balloons.

At the closing party

Some of the shots are during the party, which marks the end of work on the film, called slang wrap party. “It was such an amazing experience. Budapest was a dream and most importantly, I met so many amazing people. Thanks to the whole team who worked so hard and brought the whole story to light in such a beautiful way“, writes below them the daughter of the star of” Saturday Night Fever “.

Get lost is in the post production stage and there are no dates for the big screen yet.

Ella’s previous film was “Poison Rose.” She also starred in “Old Dogs” since 2009 with her parents, where she played Emily.

With mom and dad

For Ella, acting is also a way to break free from grief at home after her family has suffered great losses. In 2009, her older brother Jet, 16, passed away during a family vacation. Her mother, Kelly, left this world in 2020 at the age of 57, after a 2-year battle with breast cancer. Her father takes care of her younger brother Benjamin, who is now 11 years old.

The 67-year-old Hollywood ace recently told Kevin Hart’s “Hart to Heart” show how he and his young son are coping with their mother’s grief. The child did not hide his feelings and how much he suffered, and once asked his father: “Since my mother is gone, I’m afraid you are too.” He tried to explain to his son in an accessible way that he and his mother were different individuals and that the challenges in life should be accepted more humbly, with more wisdom. He told him, “You know Ben, you love the truth and I will tell you the truth about life. No one knows when he will leave or how long he will stay. I may die tomorrow. You too. Everyone could. Let’s look at this as part of life. You can’t know exactly. You’re just doing the best you can to live as long as possible. “

Kelly, Benjamin, John and Ella in Cannes in 2018.

The boy asked him, “Did it cost you a long time 30 years ago?” The “Brilliant” star replied in the affirmative. Benjamin then said, “Do you think you have another 30 years to live,” and his father replied, “Yes, I think so.”

Kelly and John met on the set of “Experts” in 1989 and married two years later in France. “We take care of each other and defend ourselves – without noise, away from society. We are constantly together, growing and changing into a duet,” Travolta revealed the secret of their marriage in an interview.

Their eldest son, Jett, was born a year after the wedding, Ella in 2000, and Benjamin 10 years later. The tragedy surrounding the loss of Jet, who suffered from Kawasaki’s disease, is believed to inevitably affect Kelly’s health. “The truth is, I wasn’t sure if I would survive what happened,” Travolta said at the time. He and Kelly appeared on screen together for the last time in “Gotti” in 2018.

Come and Kelly to a Christmas party in 2006

I do not know a braver, strong, beautiful and loving person than you. Thank you for your love and for making the world a better place. I love you so much, Mom“Ella wrote on social media when her mother left.


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