Elkann: ‘Juve investigation? Collaboration and trust in the judiciary. On the Ronaldo affair … ‘| First page

“The Juventus he has already replied, the company is collaborating and is confident that it will be able to shed light on all the disputed aspects. For Exor and as far as I am concerned, I am confident in the work of the Italian judiciary ” John Elkann, president of Exor (holding company of the Agnelli-Elkann family, majority shareholder of the Juventus club), who, meeting with the press on the occasion of the holding’s Investor Day, commented the survey on capital gains involving Juve: “The club has a new board of directors, a new managing director, a new sporting director, a new coach who with the president and vice president are addressing problems on and off the pitch,” he reports. Calcioefinanza.it.

‘CENTENARY HISTORY’ – Elkann continues: “In the path of a club there are problems, the important thing is to face them. This is what is happening in Juventus: I am convinced that its future is just as important as its past, it is a great club and they are all there. intentions for it to remain so. Juventus’ history is more than 100 years old. What matters is to look at competitiveness. There has been a strong change in society, and sporting and economic parameters must be reconciled. We must also work on people and culture . This is what successful clubs in the sporting and non-sporting world do “.

RONALDO DEAL – Elkann also dedicates a comment to the deal Cristiano Ronaldo, emerged in the interceptions for a private writing in the contract that bound him to the bianconeri: “Cristiano Ronaldo was an important operation for Juventus. However, we also know that the context that Juventus and football have experienced in recent years has impacted in many respects “.


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