Elkan Baggott Debuts in the Indonesian U-19 National Team, Shin Tae-yong Was Worried

BOLASPORT.COM – Shin Tae-yong revealed that he was ever worried about Elkan Baggott in his debut on Indonesian U-19 national team.

Not long ago, finally Shin Tae-yong can play Elkan Baggott for the first time in a test match at Indonesian U-19 national team.

As is known in previous test matches, Shin Tae-yong can’t get down yet Elkan Baggott in trials Indonesian U-19 national team because they are still dealing with the club, Ipswich Town.

Only in the ninth match test match Indonesian U-19 national team in Croatia, Shin Tae-yong can lower Elkan Baggott.

To be precise, moment Indonesian U-19 national team care Shin Tae-yong competed against the U-19 national team Northern Macedonia, October 11, 2020.

In this match, Elkan Baggott to be one of the players Indonesian U-19 national team which comes across as starting line-up.

The new Baggott made his debut together Indonesian U-19 national team it was immediately given trust by Shin Tae-yong to appear in full or play 90 minutes.

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The player who grazed with Ipswich Town U-18 was able to help the Indonesian U-19 national team win a 4-1 victory over the U-19 North Macedonia national team.

Editor : Mochamad Hary Prasetya
Source : PSSI TV


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