Eljif Elmas scored Macedonia goal show!


Sports Arena Detail – 2022 World Cup North in the second week match of Qualification Group J Macedonia with Liechtenstein faced. The side that left the field with a victory in the fight played in Toše Proeski Arena became North Macedonia with a different score like 5-0.

The home team scored the winning goals in the 7th minute, Enis Bardhi in the 7th minute, Aleksandar Trajkovski in the 51st and 54th minutes, 62nd minute. Eljif Diamond and Ilija Nestorovski recorded a penalty in the 82nd minute. Liechtenstein, on the other hand, could not experience the joy of goals throughout the match.

Following this result, North Macedonia, which won its first victory in Group J, increased its score to 3 and moved to the 3rd place. Liechtenstein is in the last place without any points.

The next week in the group, North Macedonia was a guest on the road to Germany; He will host Iceland at the Liechtenstein field.

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Eljif Elmas, who took 90 minutes against Liechtenstein and met 93 times with the ball, achieved a high hit rate of 93.4% with 76 pie. The young player, who was especially effective in the opponent half, played with a high pass rate of 89.1% in the Liechtenstein half.

Eljif Elmas, who won 8 out of 10 double fights in the Liechtenstein match, won 1 air ball. The talented player managed to grab the ball from his opponents 4 times.

Throughout the fight, Eljif Elmas, who scored the Liechtenstein castle twice, defeated goalkeeper Ben Buechel with a single shot and scored 4-0 in the 62nd minute in favor of the team.

Eljif Elmas scored Macedonia goal show

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