“Elizabeth Cader and Don Day: Achieving Their Shared Dream of Traveling the World”

Their shared dream is to travel the world and little by little they are achieving it. So far they have already traveled through El Salvador, the Dominican Republic (on more than one occasion, apparently due to their multiple posts in that destination), the United States, visiting theme parks. In their most recent trip, Elizabeth Cader and Don Day once again traveled to North America, this time with the desire to stroll in New York.

The ‘guys’ couple reality‘ They took advantage of this last May holiday, related to the historic battle of Pichincha, to have a romantic getaway to the Big Apple. Their first stop, according to the photos they both shared on their Instagram accounts, was at the Natural History Museum. According to Elizabeth, she loves museums, as she tells it in a carousel of photographs posing in front of the dinosaur skeletons, wearing a bralette olive green, high-waisted jeans and white mid-calf cowboy boots. She completed her outfit with a diver oversized with military print.

Elizabeth Cader reconfirms her love for Don Day: “I love you, my king”

Another must-see New York stop was a tour of the popular Central Park. There they were photographed very much in love while resting in a grassy area where visitors can take a seat or lie down. In the great park and lung of New York, the Salvadoran and the Guayaquileño also posed on a little bridge overlooking one of the lakes that runs through the site.

Diego Álvarez, as is the real name of Don Day, reaffirmed in his posts the desire that he shares with Elizabeth when he dedicated to her that “this is how I want to travel the world by his side”. He took over this gringo city with a look that matched his girlfriend, that is, he also dressed in green, but in another shade. The diamond, as this singer and actor is also nicknamed, he preferred a green polo shirt, white shorts and green and white sports shoes.

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On other occasions, celebrities have also shown their love for travel within Ecuador. In their social networks they have also published their happy walks in Ecuadorian cities such as Huaquillas, Machala, Santo Domingo, Palenque, Manta, among others. (AND)

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