elite series, Premier League rumors | Fifa has decided on Sander Svendsen’s Fire transition

It has been a lot back and forth, but finally Sander Svendsen and Brann can breathe a sigh of relief. Now there is talk of a new “world record” in delivering the papers at the last minute.

Just before the transition deadline expired on Deadline Day could The online newspaper reveals that Sander Svendsen had agreed with Brann on a transfer from Danish OB.

The 23-year-old put his name on an agreement with Brann shortly before midnight on Monday. Fire and sports director Rune Soltvedt must then have sent in the necessary papers to NFF with a few seconds left of the transfer window.

NFF then had to send the documentation on to FIFA for final approval.

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The question was whether FIFA received the papers in time from the NFF to be able to approve the agreement, Nettavisen confirmed this by the specialist responsible for transfers in the NFF, Kristian Skjennum, on Tuesday.

Approves the agreement

Now FIFA has made a decision.

Brann confirms on its website Thursday morning that the agreement has been finalized and that the international federation has approved the agreement.

– It was extremely hectic at the end there. I asked around the Stadium between my office and the copier, but we delivered everything on time. This is an international transition and then the papers must also enter the system of FIFA, says sports manager in Brann, Rune Soltvedt to the club’s website.

One second before the deadline

NFF’s side claims that Brann set a new “world record” in delivering the papers at the last minute, the Bergen club writes on its website. The necessary papers must have been uploaded to Fifa one second before the deadline expired, the club continues.

– I have never set a world record before, so it was fun. We did everything right with deadlines set for transitions, and it is gratifying that it has now been confirmed that everything is in order, says Soltvedt.

Svendsen himself is happy that everything is now in order.

– There have been some strange days with a lot of back and forth. It’s nice to finally have a clarification and that everything has gone through. I am now a Brann player and I am looking forward to getting started, says Svendsen to brann.no.

Asked FIFA to approve the deal

On Tuesday, NFF confirmed that they had asked FIFA to help Brann.

– NFF has asked FIFA that they can approve the transfer, so that Svendsen can become a Brann player, Skjennum told Nettavisen.

Fire and sports manager Rune Soltvedt stated to BA that they had a hope that it would go well Tuesday.

– We were within the deadline, but we have not received any confirmation from FIFA, he says.

The online newspaper originally received information that the transfer was in order from an informed team just before midnight on Monday, and that Svendsen had signed for the people of Bergen.

Then came new information that it was unclear whether Brann met the transition deadline.

According to what Nettavisen was informed on Monday night, Brann was clear that they had reached the deadline, but it was still not confirmed from any team just after the deadline expired.

A transfer presupposes that the papers are submitted on time and that the transfer is approved by NFF’s transfer register and Fifa.

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