Elisabetta Gregoraci, shock meeting with Stefano Bettarini at Gf Vip. “There is an overwhelming passion”

Elisabetta Gregoraci, shock meeting with Stefano Bettarini al Gf Vip. «There is an overwhelming passion». Tomorrow, the three new VIPs (Stefano Bettarini, Giulia Salemi and Selvaggia Roma) could enter the most spied house in Italy, whose entry has been delayed due to the presumed positivity of Selvaggia.

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Eyes on the meeting between Elisabetta Gregoraci and Stefano Bettarini. According to various rumors, the two would have had a flirtation at the time of Buona Domenica on Canale 5. And there are those who report that among them there would have been “an overwhelming passion».

Of that alleged flirtation, however, there would be no confirmation at the moment. That’s why fans can’t wait for the fateful meeting. How will Pierpaolo Pretelli take it? We’ll see.

Last updated: Thursday 29 October 2020, 20:44




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