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BVIt is a well-known phenomenon that well-known faces are regularly confronted with bizarre or indecent proposals via social media. Previously, An Lemmens (42) and Julie Van den Steen (30), but also Kobe Ilsen (40) have testified of Sometimes they get “greasy messages”.. Eline De Munck (34) also knows what it is about her: she shared a dubious ‘request’ from a fan via Instagram, to which she replied laconically.

“Hi Elina! Can I ask you if I can have photos of you in lingerie? “Wrote a fan in an email.” I don’t want to be rude or anything, but I don’t have photos like those of you yet. I would be very happy, because you are the girl most beautiful and sexy that I have in my phone. And I haven’t met anyone who transcends you yet, really young! Thanks in advance! “

De Munck shared the message with his followers and wrote: “Sure! Coming soon! Not! “Then he also joked about the ‘request’: when Eline walked across a bridge in Brussels, she recorded a video and wrote:“ I couldn’t really take some great lingerie photos there … No, Eline! really a bridge too far! “

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Eline De Munck received this “request” in his inbox. © Instagram @elinedemunck

It is not the first time

It is not the first time that the manager of Odette Lunettes has been faced with messages from rude followers. But other BVs have already received inappropriate messages: “We should take a bath together, then you can wash my back,” received sexologist Lotte Vanwezemael. Sometimes, however, she goes much further: “Wow, I definitely want to relax with you in the sauna. Den this will push you down like a mad stallion, for hours on end, “got Lesley-Ann Poppe in her inbox. While An Lemmens had to read:” I want to fuck so hard everyone can hear you moan. With your big ones. boobs.

Sociologist Ben Caudron (Erasmushogeschool Brussel) examined the phenomenon and saw that there are two different types of messages. “Suggesting wild nights together can be linked to the fact that fame eroticizes,” he explained. “On the other hand, there are relationships where sexual discourse is used to belittle. That phenomenon, that cesspool has been around for a long time. But social media has raised the lid. ”

The sociologist also advised how to deal with the messages: “I think personally ignoring is the best answer. You could call it a form of “trolling”. A troll doesn’t care how you react, as long as you react. So don’t do it.

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