Elina Maligina is secretly married

Maligina’s chosen one is animated film director Reinis Kalnaellis, whom she has known since school, but the two have been in a romantic relationship for about a year.

“From me you will get nothing but confirmation that it happened in Gibraltar and that the event was sweet, sincere and familiar. It’s okay, we are happy …” Maligina, who kept her previous husband’s surname after the wedding , confirmation to publication.

This is Reina’s second marriage and Maligina’s third. As is known, the artist exchanged rings with director J. in May 2011. J. Gillinger. In their marriage, a daughter Hanna was born. But in October 2016 Elina married a millionaire, the largest shareholder of “Olainfarm” Valery Maligin. Almost five years ago, in December, Valery died.

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