Elīna Didrihsone openly lists the artificial beauty procedures she has performed

Elīna Didrihsone, the creator of the “Butterfly” store, visited STV first! channel show “Dream Catcher”, where he listed what artificial beauty procedures he performed.

“I have hair extensions […] I have a filler in my lips, “reveals Didrihsone and emphasizes that she really likes the result. Elīna justifies that she has enlarged her lips because she has a big nose and eyes, but the young woman wanted more proportionate facial features.

Didrihsone is also not shy about enlarging her breasts with plastic surgery. She emphasizes that she does not regret the improvements, because she takes photos every day for work and visual appearance is important to her.

Elīna claims that she is now able to stand in front of a mirror and be completely satisfied with her appearance.

Elīna Didrihsone is a well-known influenzae in Latvia. Together with her husband Nauri, they created a clothing store “Butterfly”.

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