Eleven meters – Attention, the derby is always the derby. From Genoa further signs of growth. Paratici’s green line to extend the winning cycle


Juve seen in Genoa bodes well, the bianconeri are undoubtedly in constant and continuous growth. Against the rossoblùs we saw a well-placed team capable of playing high, of bringing an asphyxiating pressing, with fast textures, faster play (even if often horizontally) and won with the shots of champion of Dybala, Cr 7 and Douglas Costa, with a crazy understanding between Cristiano and Joya, stuff to make the eyes of the fans shine.
Progress is expected to continue also because it is hard to breathe, the championship days follow one another frantically and the next stage of Juve is the Mole derby. The level of difficulty in my opinion is very high.
As always, I expect a very insidious race. On paper looking at the roses of the two teams and the current state of form, the bianconeri start clearly favorites but it is known that the derby is a game in its own right, a race in which values ​​often change and particular motivations come into play. Precisely for this reason I believe that on the path to the Italian flag, this is the key race, the race not to be missed.
The other big unknown will be the “hot” factor, it will be played at 5.15 pm under a hot sun. It will be the first time for Juve who to date has always played in the evening at 9.45pm.
This could affect the intensity of the match and someone’s form.
Sarri in the press conference rightly stressed the importance and difficulty of the match against Torino. The grenades will give a hard time and it will be a tough game, but winning it would be essential. We are now entering the crucial phase of the season and Sarri wants to arm the Championship and then dedicate himself to the Champions League.
What bodes well, I repeat, is that there is a clear improvement both in the team and in the quality of the game and the results can be seen. It would be wrong not to emphasize it, but one should not be exalted. Juve was not in crisis after losing (on penalties) the Italian Cup final, it is not sparkling now, it simply continues a path of growth in which in my opinion one begins to clearly see Sarri’s hand. At this point, however, you must keep your foot pressed on the accelerator.
Meanwhile, negotiations are in full swing on the market, names are chasing each other. For those who still haven’t understood it, Paratici has already started a net renewal and rejuvenation of the squad since last year and is doing it in my opinion.
De Ligt and Demiral (close to returning) are a couple of absolute value and are just over 20 years old, they will be the black and white defensive columns for many years.
Kulusevski is the best emerging talent of our tournament with champion shots and he is also 20 years old. Arthur (who will arrive in the operation that saw PJanic go to Barcelona), is another potential champion and is only 23 years old. Bentancur has blossomed with Sarri and today he is a factor, a potential phenomenon, a complete midfielder and he is only 23 years old.
In midfield certainly during the market session, there will be other news, watch out for Jorginho who give Juve in orbit in England, and the dream Pogba (although United would like to have it renewed at all costs). Tonali is almost faded, apparently intended for Inter. The other profiles to keep an eye on are the Romanists Pellegrini and Zaniolo.
There will be movement in attack. Higuain should greet the company. Surely an attacker will come in front, maybe two. The hottest name is Milik but dealing with De Laurentiis is very difficult. Wolverhampton’s Raul Jimenez costs an exorbitant amount (the British demand is 90 million) and I don’t think the Bianconeri can get in the way of spending so much for a 29-year-old player. Attention then to Zapata dell’Atalanta.
About Atalanta we close with the Goddess. Honor to Gasperini, a true magician. He created a masterpiece: Atalanta grinds game, points and overwhelms opponents scoring many goals. What is striking about Bergamo is organization, light-heartedness and physical overwhelming power. If Atalanta continues in my opinion, the Champions can have its say, especially in this year’s formula when anything can happen in the dry game. Now the Nerazzurri are no longer a surprise and represent a reality, a beautiful reality.

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