Elevate tracking to an art with the skills of Seer in Apex Legends: Emergence

Introduced from August 3rd Apex Legends: Emergence a new Legend called Seer. Since his birth, he was thought to be cursed and was treated as an outcast. His family believed in his unique potential and raised him first to be an artist, and now Legend. Using microdrones, this ambush artist sees opportunities that other Legends may overlook.

Check out Seer’s destructive power and abilities.

Seer is the eighteenth Legend to compete in the Apex Games. The number of playable characters has more than doubled compared to the initial eight Legends at the game’s release. See how this champion are unique Passive-, Tactical- in Ultimate skills used to chase enemies like a graceful predator:

  • Passive: Heart Seeker – Hear and visualize enemies within 75 meters by aiming with your sights.
  • Tactical: Focus of Attention – Summon microdrones to unleash a delayed blast that cuts through walls, interrupting and revealing enemies.
  • Ultimate: Exhibit – Create an orb of microdrones that reveal the location of all enemies within range as they move quickly or fire their weapons.

Apex Legends: Emergence also introduces Ranked Arenas, new arenas to conquer, the new Rampage LMG, and a decimated World’s Edge, coming to PlayStation 4 on August 3, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC through Origin and Steam.

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