Elena Santarelli to Verissimo: “My son Giacomo has defeated the tumor”

Elena Santarelli has returned to talk about the tumor of son Giacomo and how this chapter can finally be said to be closed. “I remember that when Giacomo’s doctor called me and said ‘it’s clean’, I didn’t understand anything anymore. The checks were going well, but we need the final ok. I immediately called mom, dad and grandparents” , the guest showgirl told “very true“. Santarelli, however, specifies about the disease:” I don’t tell him lies, I told him that the disease could recur, he reacted well and grew a lot. “
And yet, despite her immense fortitude, Elena needed outside help, as she herself explained in the living room of Silvia Toffanin: “In 2019, however, I had an emotional breakdown, so we went to therapy with a psychologist, with a particular therapy, the emdr, which helps you to cope and live better with the trauma experienced”. After talking about her faith, strengthened by the difficulties of recent years, the Latina presenter also spoke of all those families who have been less fortunate than her and have not won their battle: “When you start a journey with friends and them they do not begin to see the light after all it is difficult even to call them on the phone and tell them ‘how are you’. all”.


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